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Canon R5c best Picutre Profile without editing


Hello friends 😉

Most of the time I record my video in Clog3 or Raw. Sometimes I would like to record videos and use it without editing in post. What do you mean? Wich is the best Picture Profile for you? Wich one would you choose?

BT.709 Wide DR, BT.709 Normal, BT.709 Standard, BT.709 Neutral, Canon 709

Just curious what do you thing and why.

Thanks and have a nice day.



Is this for personal projects for client work?  For the latter, it would be up to the clients as what would be needed.

For personal projects, if wanting to skip post-processing, then any of the BT.709 profiles should work.  Though I suspect that Normal or Standard would prob be best.  Or, if you prefer the look of Canon 709, use that.

Even though all video I capture is all personal (no client work), I choose to capture in the best possible format at the time.  So if one day I do want to have better flexibility with editing, I can do so.

You can have though the best of both worlds since you can independently capture different footage on each card.


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Dear Ricky

Thank you for your replay 😉

I use my R5c for client work (Then Clog3 and Raw) and 709 for my family videos. So there will be so much videos from my kids and I know I will never have time to color grade them, haha 😉 

I had a Canon R5 and I loved the standard Profile there without changing anything in the settings. Now beacuse there are much more in the R5c I don't know wich one to choose or wich one comes near the R5 standard profile.



See the following recommended color space for use without post processing:


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I have been using BT.709 Wide DR and find it looks really good.  It's the one I've been using for all my self-filmed youtube videos in studio setting and outdoors as well.  I no longer bother with CLOG3 anymore.  (I don't do client work, it's all for myself)

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Second the 709 wide DR. Anytime I’m not shooting RAW for the extra dynamic range, I shoot in 4K XF-AVC with 709 wide DR. Great color rendition out of the box, and lots of confidence that what I see in the VF is what I’ll get in the editor. If additional correction is needed, it’s pretty robust and you can push the pixels around without the image falling apart quickly.


Thank you for your reply's my friends 😉

Ok, I still have to find the picture profile for me. The Canon 709 also doesn't look bad 😉 

Also use it for VR Videos.

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