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C300 Mark iii - issues uploading a color profile from SD Card


I have a new C300 and have never had issues uploading a color profile from an SD Card. Going through all the right steps. Initializing the SD card in camera, but then there is no PRIVATE folder for me to drop my picture profile (C_PICT and CAMSET folders).

I have tried loading and saving a previous color profile from the camera onto the SD card that creates a PRIVATE folder and have tried uploading my profile there but the camera is not reading and has greyed out the "load from SD card"

I am stuck and don't know what to do next. IMG_1917.jpg



 EOS C300 Mark III 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Greetings alexfarkas13,

I'm sorry to hear that the camera is having issues with loading a color profile from the SD card. Per your description, you have performed some of the troubleshooting steps that we would have suggested like formatting the card, along with saving a profile from the camera onto the card and then loading a profile from the card to the camera.

Let's test to see if a different SD card allows for the camera to load a color profile. You may also reset the camera and then attempt to load a color profile to see if this helps resolve the issue.