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vixia HF R800 file's untransferable on pc


i have bought a VIXIA HF R800 camcorder few weeks ago for youtube video's as i have decided to get a new camcorder from my sony handy cam hdr 240, when i open the flip part to see my videos and pics i can see and watch them from my camcorder but when i go to plug it in my pc the software shows all my video with a ? and says fail to upload, i am wondering what im doing wrong, many ppl said they have no problem uploading to there pc, now my sony hdr uploads flawlessly on my pc with no issues but im getting such a headach from my canonUntitled.jpgUntitled1.jpg



This is my exact scenario and I see the post never got a response.    Anyone out there know of any solutions to this?    For what it's worth, I can easily transfer files off the SD card to my Windows 10 bases laptop by when trying to pull the videos stored in the camera's hard memory, using the Canon Utility software I get the same ? screens and error message as early poster.    

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