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EOS R5 C Cinema raw development


Hello. I am trying to use cannon's raw development program to view clips from my R5C raw and develop them to edit easier. However, even when I select a clip that is only 10 seconds long, it says it's going to take up 500 gigabytes in my hard drive. When I select just 10 seconds of the file and try to develop it, it gives me over 1000 different DPX files. If anyone. could offer me any support or help me would be great I have invested heavily into shooting and editing raw, and I have just purchased the C70 today.



Sorry about your problem, and if you really need to use Cinema Raw Development, I hope you can get it fixed.

I just thought it would be worth mentioning that you might not need to use it.  Personally I've never even downloaded it.  I just drop clips from my R5C onto my Premiere timeline, and it just works.

The R5C's highest bit rate is about 2.5 gigabits per second.  That's a little over 3 gigabytes for a 10-second clip; also about 1,200 gigabyyes per hour.  RAW is expensive on storage; but not that bad.

DPX, on the other hand, is VERY expensive, as it creates an image file per frame.  So if you need DPX, I think you're just going to have to bite the bullet.  Having said that, an 8k frame exported to DPX from Premiere comes to about 140 MB for me; so 10 seconds of 60 FPS would be around 84 GB.  500GB seems high, but I don't know what all the options for DPX are.

Good morning, Thank you so much for the prompt reply. I think that pretty much answers my question because I was confused by how many files I was getting back. I am guessing each one of those files is just a frame? Wow that is a very data extensive process. I can see why someone else was saying we could use another file output. Yes I have been able to use a little bit more raw footage as I have been shooting in super 35 a little bit. I purchased a few cinema lenses from Sirui. I am now also a proud owner of the C70 along with the r5C. The sale Canon was offering at Hunt's photo put me in that direction. 

Ah, yes -- DCP is a still-image based format, so each frame is saved as a still in DCP format.  My impression is that DCP is really intended for major productions, where they do lots of advaced effects, like a Marvel movie or something.

Personally I wouldn't switch to a Super35 crop just to save on file space; I think that you would get better overall results by shooting in a more compressed format.  I don't see any reason you would use DCP; like I said, I just drop RAW files into my Premiere timeline and it just works.  Then again, I mostly shoot H.265 compressed, and I shoot in 4k, which in the R5C is oversampled from 8k.  This means I get close to the same resolution (remember that 8 means 8k photosites, not 8k pixels), but in much smaller files.  Instead of about 1,000 GB per hour, I'm generating about 60.

I too have the C70 as well as the R5C -- both great cameras.