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Canon R5C with Atomos Ninja V Plus Color Gamut issue


I just bought both R5C and Ninja V + and to my dismay recording in log or raw on the ninja results in a noticeable quality and color change. It barely comes back to 709 after lut. I really wanted to use the ninja for recording as the audio sounds a lot better with its preamps. Is Canon going to fix this Color Gamut issue over HDMI?


Hey Ronslick,

First up, HDMI Raw out (Prores RAW on the Ninja V+) is only limited to 25p on 50Hz and 23.98p, 29.97p. Please note this is for Full Frame Sensor Mode which gives me 8k.

Sensor Mode: Full Frame 

Available Frame Rates on 59.94Hz - 23.98p, 29.97p

Available Frame Rates on 50Hz - 25p 

Available Resolutions 8K (8192x4320) only


Sensor Mode: Super 35mm

Available Frame Rates on 59.94Hz - 23.98p, 29.97p and 59.94p

Available Frame Rates on 50Hz - 25p and 50p

Available Resolutions 5.9k (5952x3140) only


Sensor Mode: Super 16mm

Available Frame Rates on 59.95Hz - 23.98p, 29.97p and 59.94p

Available Frame Rates on 50Hz - 25p and 50p

Available Resolutions 3k (2976x1570) only

I tested both in BT709 Wide DR (and Standard) + Clog 3 Cinema Gamut

All works.  

Have you tried changing the sensor mode?




Lol! Yes have to turn that off.  Make sure too to turn off any monitoring settings such as False Colour, Focus Peaking and Zebras.  As I once accidentally (on a shoot) had Zebras on and that went through the HDMI to my Ninja V+.  Luckily I only had 1 shot that was affected and the rest I started shooting internal 8K Raw. 

Plus use Shutter angle instead of Shutter Speed. 

Also I heard Base ISO 3200 is better than using Base ISO 800.  Better noise performance according to this 1 Youtuber I saw.  He did some good comparisons.  Have it on Base ISO 3200 (if there's alot of blacks and darker environment).  You can have your ISO lower if needed anyway. 

Thanks man you where so help I see you said you was shooting in 8k. Any suggestions other than canon dtap dummy battery and pd wall for for 8k 60(w/ working lens). I have v mount battery and everything I need just keep ordering wrong dummy batteries none push out the 9v. I see the ubs c options everyone is talking about but when c is plugged into my v mount nothing occurs. 


I can definitely help you out with that!  As I had the same issue in finding the right battery and accessories.  Now I have worked it all out.  Even from hand held to gimbal DJI RS3 Pro.  I’ll set it up and send it some pics.  Although I do feel like we should start a new Thread.


Hey Ronslick,  

Heres an image of the current setup that has solved most of my problems on the R5C.  Battery, USB PD, Storage and Portability (Subjective)


 Basically with the Red Indi Pro d-Tap to USB3 PD adapter you can use any V Mount battery you like and not be tied in to Battery/brands that have USB-C ports. I’ll post a link to a new thread as I feel we have taken over this Post.  Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Actually with all due respect I started this thread and I still need all the help I can get! Lol Yes unfortunately unless your vmount battery supports power delivery, You will not be able to power the camera fully. Also I am wondering if there is a battery that will accept power delivery while the camera is powered? In my experience, only Canon batteries have worked. I know we should only use Canon batteries but I went way over budget last year trying to get this Camera up and running. If there is another thread with the R5C, Please add me. 


Hey Greggyp89 and Ronslick,

I use a Vmount battery connected to a smallrig Battery adapter 3498.  Then from the adapter an Indi Pro D-tap to USBC PW 65w => a male to male USBC cable => Camera 

That gives me full power PD whilst in 8K 60p Raw.  When I disconnect I have an Anton Bower (any brand will do) LP-E6 Dummy to D-tap which is connected as well.  So all stays on.

I have submitted a new post incase we are off topic from your original post:


Thank you I thought the dummy battery was supplying enough power for a second. That would be simply amazing. That is a very thoughtful and elegant solution. Your setup certainly peaked my interest. You seem to have a very well put together brain for creativity. I am working on that part of my brain still lol. Numbers, charts, patterns and colors are still my weak point. Probably why I am still driving a truck full time and creating content on the side. I'm not stopping though because I love it more than anything. I am actually starting to enjoy this process of creating more and more each day and I can stand behind my work proudly. (For the most part)


Thanks!  I spent some time looking into it as these problems pop up whilst during shoots and I wish I had this and that and this and that 😂.

So eventually bit by bit I solved each part.  Now I just rock up to the shoot and go from hand held to gimbal if needed with minimal downtime taking apart the camera.  If you look closely at the picture I also have an extra trigger button on the side which helps me start stop record with my left hand as it's next to the lens.

Super expensive though! It hurt so bad but I love it.  Soon will be getting another one to put on the handle when I'm doing low angles whilst holding the handle.  Figured out a break out cable that gives me two trigger buttons. 😀

Reason I'm doing this is my body has gotten tired and weak over time and now in my 40's I need as much convenience on shoot to keep my focus on the shot then worrying about battery, storage and other technical issues. 

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