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Cannot Update Remote Controller RC-IP100


canon rc-ip100.jpg

I'm following the firmware upgrade steps, but every time I just get this screen with NO upgrade.

  1. I load the bin file to to the root folder of the USB disk.
  2. I put it in the controller.
  3. I turn the unit off.
  4. I hold down the USER 1 and USER 2 buttons.
  5. I turn the controller on. 
  6. Somewhere between 10-20 seconds I get this screen.

It says, "USB FIRMWARE UPDATE MODE", "Please Turn Power Off", "BootLoader V02-03".

It should be noted that this unit is still running v1.01. It has never been updated.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi vinylfire,

Thanks for checking in with us. It does seem like you're going through the process properly. Since you're having issues with the latest version, try loading the prior version and then see if you can then load the new one. Try to download both again, just to make sure that the file itself didn't get corrupted during the download.

You can find both from the link below:

Thank you @Nick2020. I've already tried this and it makes no difference. Version 2 seems to respond the same as Version 3. And I don't have access to previous versions since I'm running 1.01.

Any other ideas?

Greetings vinylfire,

Please check to ensure that the USB flash drive is formatted to the FAT32 format and not exFAT or NTFS, otherwise the controller will not recognize the contents of the flash drive. Test a different USB flash drive as well to determine if the original flash drive may not be functioning properly.

In case the issue persists then please call our phone support line at 1-855-246-3367, Monday through Friday between 9:00 am to 9:00 pm ET and Saturday between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

I have been formatting FAT32, but I will try a different USB drive. Thanks for your help!