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C70 - How to set focus to infinity?


I hope someone can help. How do I set my c70 to infinity focus?

Thanks in advance


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi zodiac,

Infinity focus is set through the lens, not through the camera. To do that put the lens into manual focus mode and turn the focus ring so that the focus is as far out as it can go. That is considered the infinity focus of the lens.

But that does not put everything into focus. Maybe my terms are wrong. I was always told infinity focus meant everything is in focus

I'm afraid you're wrong there.  Infinity focus means that objects very far from the camera are in focus.  How far "very far" is depends on your lens -- with a wide-angle lens, it might just be tens of feet.  With a tele lens, it might be a very long way.  Either way, objects close to the camera will not be in focus.

Contrary to what you've been told, there is absolutely no way to get everything in focus.  Your lens will always be focussed at a particular distance.  Only objects at exactly that distance will be perfectly in focus.

Objects slightly closer or slightly farther will be nearly in focus; maybe nearly enough to make no difference.  The range of distances where that happens is called the depth of field.  How deep the depth of field is depends on the focal length of your lens, on how far your main focus is, and on the aperture.  With a wide-angle lens, focussed at a middle distance, and with a stopped-down aperture, you can make the depth of field very deep; deep enough that objects from pretty close to infinity will be close enough to in focus.  This is as good as it gets.

That middle distance, where objects at infinity are close-enough to in focus, is called the hyperfocal distance.  Maybe this is what you're thinking of.

Here are  some links to calculators that will let you figure out the exact distances:

But, again, focussing happens in the lens, not the camera.  The camera makes no difference, except that the sensor size affects how big the pixels are, which matters to the effective focus.  Since those calculators don't have the C70 specifically, select a crop-sensor camera like the Rebel t7i; that should be close enough.

The word you are looking for is "hyper focal distance."

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