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C300 camera life


I have a small variety of Canon cameras including a C100. I was looking to get a C300 (not mark II) and wanted to get an idea of how many total run hours is considered too many. I know it matters how the camera was treated, was it doing a lot of shooting in a studio vs out in a desert or jungle, etc. I know they are basically computers and can run a long time as there aren't that many moving parts that have a lot of stress. So, given a camera that has been taken care of, where do you stop looking? 1,000 hours? 2,000?


I've seen them around a thousand hours with service records showing they were in and had heat sinks replaced (new one on me) and the usual suspects such as connections needing their board replaced. Where would you draw the line and move on to the next one?  Thanks



Hello Path11_Media, 

With regards to how many hours is too many I think this would come down to who you ask and rank among other factors such as otherwise condition and price among others.  It may also come down to how comfortable you are with a higher mileage model so to speak.  If you find a stellar deal on one it may be worth it.  There's no official cut off point in terms that Canon recommends specifically, we just want you to feel comfortable knowing that behind that purchase Canon has a team to provide technical support for you.  

We wish you luck in your search and we hope you'll let us know how it works out!

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Well, yes and no. I recognize HOW a camera has lived its life is important but I do see some decent prices on them and wouldn't baulk at 500, 600, 700 hours but recently I saw one in great condition with about 1800 hours on it, I also saw the invoice for the dual pixel AF upgrade and there were an addition six or eight heat sinks replaced. There's not many moving parts in one to wear out but are heat sinks a common thing to need replacing? All in all it was an eight hundred dollar bill. Eee where I'm coming from? Overall they live a long time but what am I most likely to be looking at for replacement once I breach a thousand hours?

I was wondering the same thing. I found a great deal on a used c300 but we're talking nearly 2,000 hours. Is this a big risk? The reason I'm looking for a great deal is beacause I don't have a lot to spend lol


Hello, I want to buy a camera and I want to know if it posibol to truck the hours shooting or if I can trust in the number of the seller says to me. Thanks

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