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Canon C400 feature request


I'm going to buy the recently announced EOS C400 and I figured that there are three things that can make this camera better. 

1) 1.5x anamorphic desqueeze. There has been recently a boom among anamorphic lenses with 1.5x sqeeze factor. They are small, popular  and fun to use.  Please make our life easier and enable 1.5x desqueezing (announcement stated only 2x, 1.8x or 1.3x)

2) Simple wireless video monitoring app for ipad. I know that Canon already has Multi-Camera Control smartphone app. What I'm asking for is simpler version that a producer/director/client can use on their ipad as client's monitor. Just like the monitoring apps from acsoon or hollyland. Not having to rig up a dedicated TX/RX unit would be super handy for the run and gun shoots. 

3) Being able to bake-in custom user luts. For example CLOG2 to ArriR709. Sony cameras allow to do that and I find it quite useful.

Thanks Canon!

Make it happen please.



Greetings ,

To make a feature(s) request, visit the Canon USA homepage. Click on the [+]Feedback link up at the top right corner and then select product.  


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Thanks mate!

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