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Canon C100 Mark I switch on problem.


My Canon C100 wouldn't switch on. 


I was using it one day and the battery was close to zero and I'm not sure if I had the lever on the lock mode or camera mode but then the camera shut down due to no battery. 


I recharged the battery, green lights says 100% and mount the battery to the camera and the camera just won't turn on. I've hit the small reset button and it still won't work. 


I don't have the original USB cable or DC charger, so it's just the battery and cam. 


Was just wondering if anyone knows any alternate methods to get this camera switched on, or if anyone else had this issue. I hope it's not a faulty camera.





Hello thecraftyman, 


I understand your EOS C100 will no longer power on.  You mention not having the original battery charger, would you mind letting us, the community as a whole, know the method you used for recharging the battery?  Perhaps, if a third party charger was used, that the battery did not obtain sufficient charge.  

If the issues persist and you'd like to go ahead and have the camera looked at, I recommend setting up service direct on our web site, here.  

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Thanks for the reply. 


I used this battery charger after I lost my original one. <Removed Per Forum Guidelines>


The battery itself shows 100% charge all green bars lighting up. Just want to find out if it's the camera that's faulty, if there's a way to reset the camera to get it turned on. It's 3 years old so I'm just looking for a way to get it working before I take it to Canon where I have to pay a lot to get it repaired if indeed something is wrong with it .



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