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C100 judder footage issue on playback



Hope someone can help me on here.
I've shot some footage on the C100 and am having problems in post.
None of the clips play smooth and seem to have a judder effect.
I shot them in 50i by mistake but it doesn't look like interlacing is the problem.
I have tried deinterlacing in the timeline on FCPX and Premiere Pro, rewrapping clips, exporting both interlaced and deinterlaced.

One thing that did happen when I was shooting was that it came up as 'operation not valid' when I pressed record. That seemed to go after I formatted the card.

That same command has come up in another shoot and had to switch to B slot.

The card was a Sony high speed card and the camera was;t set up with any crazy high shutter speeds.

Has anyone had such an issue before?


Thanks in advance.


Here is the link to a sample clip -

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