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Canon 100c Footage is Grainy


Hello, I have been having some issues with some footage filmed on a Canon c100 mark1 that I rented at 2 different occasions.

When I first Rented the Camera, I set up all the settings according to this video provided by Canon:


I filmed all the footage necessary, and it was wodnerful. I then returned to film additional footage with different interviewees and rented from the same company, and the same camera model, the Canon C100 Mark1. However, after setting up the camera, and filming my subjects (3 different interviews) I notived the video footage was extremely noisy. This was apparent from reviewing the footage directly from the media menu on the camera, as well as after I imported the footage onto my Mac.

THE SOLUTION I am seeking is if it is possible to save this footage even though it has already been filmed, and keep it from being extremely grainy and noisy. I no longer have the camera, because it was a rental, but I do have all this footage. Is it salvagable and HOW? I am going to provide a link to a 30 second sample video of my issue. On the right hand side, it is the good footage when I first interviewed. and on the left, is the grainy footage (Best to be viewed full screen to see what I'm talking about).



1- The video sample I am providing is in Adobe Premiere, and before someone says "You are viewing it at 1/2 playback rate" I want to inform you that the footage looks just this bad from the MAC finder, as well as from any other location I view the RAW footage.


2- This sample footage on the left is not the only subject I filmed, I have 3 other subjects in DIFFERENT locations that all have this grainy effect on the video footage.


3- There is no color editing at all on either of these videos, this is directly imported from the camera, and from Adobe's software.





Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


Since we are looking at a screen capture rather than the source footage, it will be hard to determine the cause of the noise, although the difference in lighting between the two scenes indicates that gain may be set higher in one over the other, or the scene is boosted after the fact both of which will introduce more noise into the image which becomes most notable in shadow areas.


Regarding saving the footage as it is already shot, it may be best to ask your question in teh Adobe forums since this will be specific to processes in your editor and that community will likely have multiple solutions for minimizing noise with Adobe's tools.