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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 Error - Please check the printer's operational panel or the Remote UI.


I am using a Mac, under Ventura 13.2.1. I have the latest updates to PhotoShop. I have the latest version of Professional Print & Layout installed.

The PS "print" option sends prints to my imageGraf Pro-300 as well as all other applications - EXCEPT when I try to print using the PPL application. I get the error msg that is listed as the subject of this thread.

The connection in the Job Manager is pointing to the wrong IP address.

I have uninstalled/installed PPL. I have removed the printer and added the printer. I have pointed the "location" to the correct IP address. The problem persists. Being that a fresh download/install results in the very same settings as entered before, I believe there is some sort of file that PPL uses that should be deleted but, I have no idea what or where.

What do I have to delete or change so that PPL will point to the proper IP address? 

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