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imagePROGRAF PRO-1000 Won't Print from Print Studio Pro


I have always used Print Studio Pro with my Canon printers - with no issues. Suddenly it doesn't print in either Lightroom or Photoshop. It appears that the printer recognizes the file as the file name appears in the printer LCD and the printer appears to be getting ready to print (all of the usual noises and advancing the paper to print). However, it just ejects the paper without printing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ALL of the Canon printer drivers - the problem remains.

I am able to print from both the Photoshop and Lightroom "Print" dialog so I do know that the printer is communicating with the computer.


I did solve my issue yesterday - maybe only temporarily. I saw in Print Studio Pro that there are two Printer options - Canon XPS and Canon Printer. I swear that I always had it se to XPS but changed it to Canon Printer and it seemed to solve the problem. I'm not sure why or if it is the real fix - but I'll take it. It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has struggled with this.

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I'm having the same problem with Print Studio Pro.  My printer is a Pixma Pro-10, but I am having the exact same problem as the orignal poster.  I've also tried everything, uninstalling and reinstalling the printer multiple times.  I also uninstalled and reinstalled Print Studio Pro, but the issue persists.  I too am able to print using other apps, but for borderless printing I prefer to use Print Studio Pro.

If it matters I am using Windows 11 22H2.  

I did solve my issue yesterday - maybe only temporarily. I saw in Print Studio Pro that there are two Printer options - Canon XPS and Canon Printer. I swear that I always had it se to XPS but changed it to Canon Printer and it seemed to solve the problem. I'm not sure why or if it is the real fix - but I'll take it. It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has struggled with this.

Thank you again for posting this tip.  I tried it and it worked for me.  I think it is still using the the XPS driver.  When I couldn't get Print Studio Pro to work a couple days ago I tried Easy Photo Print Ex, another app that is available from Canon.  That worked, but the color seemed a little flat. I just tried your tip with Print Studio Pro and it gave me the results I was expecting.

Thanks again!!

I've been searching Print Studio Pro insights for use with the Pro-10 printer. I'm using the most current version of Windows 10 Home and Photoshop 2023 and just installed (and uninstalled/reinstalled several times in hopes of correcting an error) Print Studio Pro 2.2.3 manually into Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Photoshop 2023/Plugins and was prompted it successfully installed. When I try and launch Print Studio Pro from Photoshop's Automate menu PSP does try and start but then it issues a prompt that "An error has occurred. Exiting Print Studio Pro." I have rebooted Photoshop, my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled and I just can't get PSP to initialize as expected. Interestingly, the Layout Plugin for PSP does function properly.

I came across a user that indicated that PSP is old and has been replaced with Professional Print & Layout but that software doesn't seem compatible with the Pro-10 as I can't get it to find a printer to use -- I'm pretty sure now it only works with the ImageProGraph printers.

Is anyone using Print Studio Pro successfully with Photoshop 2023, a Pro-10, and Windows 10? I'm about to abandon this plugin since I cannot get it to work. Thanks for any advice.

I have a PRO 1000 and when printing from Photo Shop latest version it works fine with either the standard 8 bit driver or the 16 bit driver which is the XPS driver. Now if I try to print from the Canon Print Studio Pro plug in.....the standard 8 bit version works fine but if I select the 16 bit version it passes the print paper through the machine without printing. The PRO 1000 is a month old and has all the current updates so appears to be something in Print Studio Pro that is the culprit. May not be a huge difference between the 8 and 16 bit versions of the print.....most likely the blue and purple colors have a bit finer variations (smoother) but mostly imperceptible. Still would be nice to have the ability to print from the Print Studio Pro as it has some nice features.

This is NOT the fix for Windows users. We are able to print using Canon Studio Pro and the 8 bit driver....but the 16 bit version (with XPS added to the driver name) still won't print from Canon Studio pro in either PS or Light Room. if we use the same 16 bit driver in the regular Photo Shop or Light Room print command it does work. I just spent about 30 minutes on line with Canon support and showed them the issue. The issue is real  as I demonstrated so they are going to look into it. Hopefully they can figure it out....either a bad 16 bit driver or some issue between the driver and Photo Shop and Light Room...or perhaps Windows. For the time being if you need 16 bit image prints use the Adobe print option in the respective programs.

I spent many hours debugging this exact same problem on my Pro-1000 printer, and finally I have discovered this thread. Indeed, printing using the XPS driver ( in Print Studio Pro in Photoshop 24.1.0 is suddenly broken as of about a week or so ago. Re-installing the latest printer driver and plug-in packages did not help. The latest firmware is installed on the Pro-1000, and reseting the printer settings also did not help. My Windows 11 version is 22H2. Was there a recent Windows or Photoshop update that broke it, perhaps? Nothing changed in my Canon software setup. Reverting to the 8-bit non-XPS driver is a workaround, but not a good permanent solution, as the whole point of having this printer is to be able to print in maximum quality.

By the way, I discovered that when using the XPS driver with Print Studio Pro, only a 16.0 kb file is being generated in the print queue, and so the printer just spits out a blank page. When printing to this same driver in the Print dialog in Photoshop, it generates a much bigger file, in the tens of MB's, and prints the expected output. Why is only a small file being created now in PSP?

Hi Kristine and crew.  45 min on Canon help line. Nathan was great. Problem understood and solved. We (nathan) installed "Canon Professional Print and Layout" instead of the PSP.  Too long winded to explain why the new version is compatible but it works.  Installed it on PS and LRC. Tested and it seems to be an improved version of PSP.    We cannot transfer any of our old settings to the new program but with some time you can open PSP and copy any saved information to clients files for printing.  The new program, let's call it the PP&L has more features but operates and looks almost the same. Little learning curve needed.    I'm printing on a Pro-1000 / Windows 11.   He did mention that MAC has some other issues with the new program but for us Windows crew it solved the problem.  I hope this helps.  I too struggled for hours.  Back to work.  

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