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imagePROGRAF iPF785/ImagePROGRAF TX-4000 - Preview Lost Features?


We used to have a imagePrograf i785 and used the Preview feature constantly.  We print a lot of odd-sized prints and the preview application allowed us to rotate, move and copy and paste images to make them fit the roll better.  It also allowed us to outline the documents for easier cutting apart.

We just leased a newer Canon imagePROGRAF TX-4000.  When I went to use the Preview feature, it now hardly does anything!  You can't nudge an image like the old version, you can't put a dotted line around the images to cut them apart and you can't "copy and paste" to make them fit the roll better.  All you can do is rotate.

Is there a way to get those features back, or am I just screwed?  Today I had to print 10, 18" x 18" prints, and couldn't run them side-by-side on a 36" wide roll.

If it helps, I'm running Sonoma Version 14 on a Mac Studio (M2 Ultra chip) with 128 GB of memory.

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