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Unable to locate icc paper profiles downloaded from Ilford.and installed on computer.


Hi. Have a Canon PRO-100s printer. Would like to use Ilford's Galarie Pearl paper if I can. Downloaded icc profile from the Ilford website and installed as per the instructions supplied. Have an iMac running Yosemite. Have Lightroom and Photoshop cc. installed. Installed the profile to HD/Library/Color/Sync/Profiles and restarted Lightroom. Unable to find the profile in the print dialog or in the Print Studio Pro. Plugin. Used the ColorSync utiliy and it says that the desc tag is incorrect, what ever that is. Has anyone had else had issues with Ilford icc profiles on this printer? Any advice would be very welcome.


Sorry for the delay! Thanks Palouse for your reply. I think the problem is the Ilford profiles. Their PRO-100s profiles don't show up where they should, but the PRO-100 profiles do. On their icc profile web page, they list the 100s as using pigment inks! not dye based. Their PRO-100 icc profile page gets the ink right. This perhaps is why they don't show up where they should. Even Canon's own list of profiles for various paper manufacturers don't list profiles for the 100s. Apart for Ilford that is, and they're wrong.! I'll use the PRO-100 profiles as was suggested by ebiggs1. Thanks everbody for you replies.

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Ilford provided a profile for the paper, which, after installing, I could see in the list of ICC profiles for the printer.  However there is another dialogue box which has a list of printing papers and the Ilford paper does not show up in that list.  I followed Ilford's instructions as to installation of the profile.  I'm sure that the profile is in the correct folder. 


If you use Red River paper profiles, do the papers show up in the list of available papers as well as in the printer profiles?


Red River's website was one of the ones that I consulted when deciding on the printer to buy.  I found it very helpful.

"If you use Red River paper profiles, do the papers show up in the list of available papers as well as in the printer profiles?"


I don't know exactly what you are asking or how you actually print but the profiles show where they should in Photoshop.



EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Thanks ebiggs1 for your persistence in replying to my beginner's questions.


I've been using Photoshop Elements and also Canon Print Studio Pro, two different ways of printing.  CPSP is a plug-in in PSE, which got installed when I installed the printer.  In both you are required to nominate the ICC profile for the printer but also there is a separate dialague box that asks what paper you are going to use.  As I said above, the printer profile dialogue shows the profile for the Ilford paper in the list of available profiles, but in the media type box the Ilford paper doesn't show up.  Photoshop must be different. 


To be honest, it seems like PSE and CPSP are both asking for the same information twice. 

I think you are confusing two settings.  Printer set up and the Profiles.


printer set up.jpg

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

As ebiggs1 says, the media type and the paper profile are different.


In order to be able to use a third party paper with a Canon printer the paper manufacturer must identify a Canon type paper that is closest in surface texture to their paper. Their instructions that come with the paper should tell you what media type to select.


Then, in order to get the best color results with their paper the vendor creates an ICC profile which tells te printer how to lay down the ink.


The vendor paper may be more yellow or white (warm or cool) in color compared to the Canon paper, even though the surface texture may be the same or very similar.


The ICC profile is the link between correct color, the paper and the ink used.


When you are using genuine Canon paper the printer automatically connects the paper type selected and the Canon supplied ICC profile.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Thanks ebiggs1 and John Hoffman.  I get it now. 


What John has advised is kind of what I've been doing - selecting a media type that I think is closest in texture to the Ilford paper and then selecting the Ilford ICC profile.  Ilford didn't have any information on what their paper approximates in the Canon range.  The packaging only states that their paper is compatible with Canon printers, among others. 


At this stage I haven't seen any of the Canon papers myself - they are hard to buy here (Melbourne, Australia) in bricks and mortar stores.  I've ordered a couple of their papers on-line in order to make that comparison and to eliminate one variable while I familiarise myself with the printer.  In the meantime I'll have another look at the Ilford website to see if there's any more information there.


Thanks again to both of you, this has been very helpful. 


Ilford indicates the media type in the file name for their profiles.


Therre should have been a PDF file and the ICC profile in the folder you downloaded from Ilford.


If not, it is pretty easy to figure it out.



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Fantastic! Thank you. 


I've had a look at the PDF and what you included in your post is indeed there.  Also Appendix A3 lists the codes for all the Canon papers.  The profile I've downloaded is n_GPSPP12_CANpro-100_PPPSn.  So I can see that I should choose Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss from the Canon range.  I hadn't read through the PDF thoroughly enough.


Thanks again.