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Setting up Canon Pro-100 for Wifi


I have had a Canon Pro-100 printer for many years. Until now, I was using it with Ethernet and a TP-Link AV1200 Powerline Ethernet module. I recently replaced the outlet near the printer with a surge protector outlet, and this broke the powerline Ethernet signal, unfortunately. I want to switch the printer to use Wifi instead.

I have 5 Unifi NanoHD Wifi access points at home. None of them support WPS, as it's a security issue. Ubiquiti omitted the WPS support on purpose.

The computer I'm printing from is in another room. It's a very heavy desktop 60ft away, and is connected to the network by 10gig ethernet. It doesn't have any Wifi network interface, only Ethernet.

My question is, how can I configure the Wifi settings on the printer with my setup ?




Pro100 Wireless set up:

Support | Professional Inkjet Printers | PIXMA PRO-100 | Canon USA



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Thanks for your response. I just tried it. I ran the printer driver installer on my desktop, which is connected to the router via ethernet. The installer did not find the printer on the network, of course. It asks me to connect it via USB cable. But it's 60 ft away in a different room. Both the desktop computer and printer are very heavy, and I don't want to move either of them. Is there really no way to set up the printer without having the computer and printer physically in the same room ? I guess it would be hard to enter the Wifi password with just 3 buttons and no display. In morse code, maybe ... Sigh.

So, I found that the Powerline ethernet still worked in another outlet across the room. I connected 3 ethernet patch cables through couplers, back to the powerline ethernet on one side, and printer on the other.

Ran the installer. First thing it asks me is whether I want to use it locally, wired, or wireless. I select "wireless". Then, it detects the printer. It finds it on the ethernet network, since it's temporarily connected to powerline.

Then, it just sets up a new printer object with ethernet setup. It doesn't ask me for the SSID or Wifi password or anything at all.

So, is it not possible to setup the printer in Wifi mode while the printer is temporarily connected to Ethernet ? Do I really have to use USB just to set that up ? That means I have to move the printer and computer into the same room. SIGH.

BTW, I connected to the printer via HTTP in the browser also. There is the printer status, utilities, airprint, security, firmware update. It's already on the latest firmware.

Under "utilities", there is "Confirm LAN settings". I can see it's connected to the LAN at 100 Mbps. But there is no way in the web interface to change any of the printer's network settings, or change it to Wifi, or input an SSID or Wifi password.