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Re: Pro-1000: never turn it off?

I don't have a Pro-1000 (just a Pro-100), so I can't specifically discuss clogs for the Pro-1000.


But, if the printer is on, but asleep, when you go to print it will execute cleaning cycles per the timer. The extreme difference would be if you print every day, but turn printer off. Each day when you turn it on it will do a cleaning cycle. If you use Auto Off and print every day you won't perform a cleaning cycle since printer is being used daily. 

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Re: Pro-1000: never turn it off?

I'm a fine art photographer.   I print when I need to hang a show, attend local camera club twice per month, and the local Photoshop user group that I've run for the last 15 years.   I print when necessary.


I just weighed and empty and full maintenance tank as well as an empty and full ink tank.   What it comes down to is that the waste ink in 28 months of usage amounts to 12.5 full tanks of ink or about $1000 in wastage.


The last printer I had was an Epson 7900 24" printer.   In six years of use at the same rate as now, I filled under 2 maintenance tanks.


This thing, Pro-1000, has the most conspicuous wastage I've ever seen.   There is no option to have user input on when to run a cleaning cycle.   Stupid for users.  Terrific for Canon.



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Re: Pro-1000: never turn it off?

There is also a setting in the printer control panel, under I think 'Other Settings' and 'Energy Saving' or the like, you can set it to never power off, also auto start, which I'm guessing has partly to due with power failures, just like with PC's where you can set it to auto-restart after losing power.

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