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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

Hi.  I am a long time Canon SLR and DSLR user...and a long time Epson printer user.  Well..I was having some problems with my Epson P600, so I decided to go all Canon, and I just bought a Pixma Pro-10.  I'm now wondering if I made a BIG mistake.  I'm having the exact same problem.  It's clearly a printer driver issue. 

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

Same isue with my Pro1000 and Catalina - any update or progress on this?

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

Thanks for this. I have 3 Mac Pros and 1 mac pro laptop in my arsenal and I have frozen updates on all of them, staying with Mohave 10.14.5. The 10.14.6 update broke two of my machines and I rolled back to 10.14.5. I will NOT be updating to Catalina any time soon and feel like the recent updates are only so Apple can update its own service offerings, like the Apple music subscription, which I'll never ever buy. 


This should be a warning to others, stay away from Catalina. It's not just Canon, but lots of other issues with Photoshop and 32 bit apps and helper apps and plugins as well. This is like when Apple discontinued the headphone jack and now I have an iPhone that won't plug into my mac pro, and headphones that won't plug in on the plane or anywhere else, and a bag of adapters that cost more than the headphones. Apple has screwed the pooch on this one. 

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

[ Edited ]

Hello, Matthewlee, blackie36, bellevuefineart, and previous commentors.


I saw earlier that a firmware update is one of the recommendations.  If the printer is already at the firmware versoin at the Canon U.S.A. website or later, further firmware updates may only be performed through the printer's Remote UI.  Directions for accessing the PRO-10's remote UI may be found HERE in the Online Manual.


This is in addition to installing the latest version of the drivers.  Please also keep in mind that the ICC Profile collection has not yet been updated for OS 10.15; the file (available for download in OS 10.14 or earlier).  They may be able to install as-is, though we have been unable to confirm it on our side.


To blackie36 and others with the PRO-1000, it is in the same boat as the PRO-10 with regards to driver and firmware updates.  The PRO-1000 has more software available for OS 10.15, though some software shared with the PRO-10 and PRO-100 is still being updated.


We appreciate your patience while we continue updating our drivers and software for use on OS 10.15.

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

I finally have plugin working through PS 2020, however printer (Pro 4000) keeps thinking I am trying to print on plain paper even though Heavyweight Fine Art Paper is selected along with ICC profile and printer profile with proper selections. I cross referenced print settings from print history, just to make sure I was not missing anything. Is this a global issue for all printers or just a lucky few? Any work arounds? 

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

That seems to be the kind of problem folks are having. For the Pro-100 the driver keeps defaulting to Photo Paper Pro Plastinum.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X, Rebel T5i, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, MX472, LR Classic
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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

Hi everybody, after hours of research and testing I´m happy that I found this forum and saw that I´m not alone with that issue!


I noticed the same problem that the selected paper also returnes to 'Platinum Pro' with the result of false colors on my Fine Art Papers. I`m still unsure if the problem is caused after the update to Catalina or the change from Photoshop2019 to Photoshop2020.

Is there any hope that Canon already noticed this issue and that it will be solved soon. Maybe someone in the US (I´m based in Germany) has a closer relation to their customer relations team? 


Mac OS 10.15.1, Photoshop CC 21.01 (vers. 2020), Canon Pro-1000 driver


everything works fine with the same printer driver on a Macbook with OS 10.14.5, Photoshop CC 20.0.4 (vers. 2019), Canon Pro-1000 driver


Greetings from Germany, Oliver 

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Re: Pro-10 Printing Issue with Catalina

The expert indicated that it was an issue with the paper profiles not being compatible with Catalina. That seems to make sense based on the issues I experienced.

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