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Pro-1 Custom paper sizes with Fine Art Matte papers



I have some paper I'd like to use that I have cut down from 13 x 19 sheets (Canson Photo Rag 210, a matte paper). I can print it no problem using the Fine Art Margins when I select the 13 x19 size BUT when I go to make my own custom paper size (a half sheet 13 x 9.5) I can't print.

The Pro-1 gives me a message saying I need to set the Fine Art margins which I have done (see screenshot....I know this is there to prevent head strikes at the end of the paper).

Also, even when I set the custom paper size, in Lightroom it all shows up as the wrong dimensions (see screen shot)...? The left and bottom border are the wide art margins... not top and bottom....?

The only way I could use the cut paper I had, was to print it using the "Letter" size with the art margins. Is there no way I can customize my own sizes  for Art paper (and I have no problem keeping the Art paper margins)?


Thanks for any input !
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