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Pixma Pro 100 --- locked printer gives me two blinking lights which indicate there is no paper



I spent most of today trying to print on my “new” Pixma PRO 100.  No luck. 
The printer gives me two blinking lights which indicate there is no paper in either front or back tray.  Also, after ‘warning up’ for about 60 seconds, the printer then emits a loud scratch-hiccup sound and does nothing. 
I have tried to find chat or tech support from Canon, online, but couldn't find an 800-number.
Any peeps familiar with the Pro 100?  I’m about done.  This is a printer that has been in a box for 7 years and has never been used.
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Welcome to the Canon forum!

You'll find all available technical support information from within My Canon Account at: You can reach PIXMA PRO printer by phone at: 1-800-652-2666  Also, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE


Hi, my Pixma Pro 100 did the "two flashes" thing for a while when I first used it after something like two years, but it fixed itself as I continued to try things, like setting it up again on the network, trying newer drivers and so forth. I'm on a Mac. My suspicion is that it wasn't anything I did that fixed it, but it just fixed itself after a dozen attempts to print or so. You could try reinstalling drivers or setting up the printer again on the network. Plug it into your computer through USB, set up the wireless network again, unplug the USB connection, and try to print again. I don't have anything but simplistic suggestions, but for me it started working again with no further hiccups.

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