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Pixma Pro 100 Not Printing Cyan

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Hello, I'm having an issue with my Pixma Pro 100 printing the color cyan. I've tried deep cleaning, bottom plate cleaning and physically unclogging the printer heads to no use. When I do a print test, the Cyan color will show up, but only very faintly and very streaky. Could someone please help with this issue? Thank you! 

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 Not Printing Cyan



If the issue persists after cleanings have been done, toubleshooting with our support group will be needed to narrow down the cause of your issue. Please contact our support group using the "Contact Us" link below for additional assistance.

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 Not Printing Cyan

were you able to fix the problem ? mine does exactly the same.

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 Not Printing Cyan

There is very little ink in the cartridge; refill it or buy a new one. But the bands, this is a problem

There are 2 solutions.

Take out the printhead and drip 10% ammonia solution from a 1 cube syringe, without a needle, nozzles of blue color, they are first right. Drip 1 drop, put the napkins in the louse and drip and drip, when everything goes through, turn the head over with the nozzles upside down with a train toward you. On the left platform of 4 strips, the rightmost one is the nozzles of blue color, put on a needle and without touching the metal, on weight, drip from the needle along to this area. If the stripes are not gone, filters and nozzles of this color of the burned-out need to change everything.
2. Pinout of nozzle pads, loop to yourself:

                                                                                     1      2      3     4        1     2    3    4  

                                                                                    GY LGY  BK   C       PM  Y   M  PC

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