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PixMa Pro-10 Photos come out dark


I just connected a PixMa Pro-10 printer to my Windows 10 computer where I post process photos. Every photo printed from Window Photos or Photoshop come out dark and with dull colors. The Print Studio Pro won't install in the Photoshop Creative Cloud.


Product Expert
Product Expert


When you connected the printer, did you add the printer directly in Printers and Scanners or did you download and install the printer driver from the Canon website? 

We look forward to your reply. 

I downloaded and installed the driver from the Canon Website


1. These instructions should allow you to install PSP:

Canon Knowledge Base - How to install Print Studio Pro - or if Print Studio Pro Not Showing After In...

2. If you run a nozzle check does it print correctly?

3. Are you editing the photos before you print them? Frequently your photos will be too dark if your display is too bright.

4. Download and print this test image. Do not make any adjustments, regardless of how the image looks on screen. Just open the file and print it. How does it look?



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

John, I am currently traveling. So it will be a month before I’m back to the printer.

1. I will try the PSP install once I’m back there.

2. Yes, I ran a nozzle check.

3. Yes, these are edited photos. I’ve printed them from a desktop and MacBook with the same results.

 Both monitors have been calibrated with a Spyder. The calibrations are current.

4. Once I return, I will print the test file… unedited 🙂

 thank you.

i appreciate your help with this matter.


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