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PIXMA PRO-10 cleaning printhead


I have a canon pixma pro-10. I have not printed any pictures in a while and I noted that the colors were off. I printed the Nozzle check pattern and noted that PC, PBK and C had no ink. I performed 2 print head cleanings and the PC came back somewhat but with streaks and PBK and C still showed no ink.

At this point I think the next step should be is to manually clean the print head. I have found several methods : lukewarm water, water with isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) and Windex. 

Water seems safest to me and would have low risk of damaging the print head, but I would appreciate opinions from any of the community. 

Thank you all for your help!



I had this problem.  The first time I was successful using distilled water (drained from my dehumidifier) or else use de-ionized water available form most car spares places,   Add a small amount of dishwasher rinse agent (I used Finish) at about a tespoon to a cup of water.  Then leave it in the water for hours.  I had to change the water  a number of times and it took a week but it worked.

The second time I went away i removed the print head and left it sitting in distilled water, without the cartridges in place (mistake!)..  However it still clogged and this time I was not able to recover it despite using the above then ammonia, Windex, isopropyl alcohol etc.  In desperation I bought a replacement printhead ($600 Cdn $) and while cleaning the two ink pads on which the print head parks I caused the printer to fail beyond repair.  i have no idea how.  Be warned.  This printer is no longer available and I really like it  I am about to buy a prograf300 ($1000 $Cdn).

In future I am taking the printer to my friends house with a "please use it or else run a weekly nozzle check" request.


Peter C, Ottawa Canada.