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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 "empty" inks aren't really empty.


I've been using my Canon ImagePro 300 for a year now, happy with the quality, but I noticed a very worrying behaviour regarding ink. I'm on my 2/3rd set of inks (for some colours) and just replaced two cartridges again, this time C0 and Y as they "run out".

Out of curiosity, this time I weighed new full vs empty cartridges, and the difference was only 10g in both cases. I thought the C0 could be a very light liquid, but yellow pigment ink is surely denser and heavier than pure water, so I'd expect the difference to be closer to 14g. I could hear some sloshing inside, and once I squeezed the sides of the "empty" yellow cartridge, quite a lot of ink came out, a literal puddle on paper towels that took a good moment to absorb - see the photo below.

If I'm correct, that's at least 4ml, or 40% of the contents going to the bin just because my printer says so. £60 per set in the best case of getting a full set of 10, even more when they're bought individually.

I'd be curious if anybody here with the same printer could weigh their empty cartridge and the replacement to compare.







I have been refilling Pro10 inks for years now and weighing them to check contents.  For the pro10 18g empty and 32/33 g full.  I fill them in situ on the scales and watch the weight increase until 32g then stop filling. Very reliable.  In the case of Pro10 you can reset the chip and the printer then reports it as full, however much ink is actually in it. Alas not so with the newer 300.