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How do I install Canon Print Studio Pro "Plugin" into Photoshop 2020. (MacBook)


I have installed the new Photoshop 2020. How do I install the Canon Pro100 Print Studio Pro Plugin. I do not have the old version. It installed automatically into new Lightroom Clasic  but not Photoshop 2020.


My custom settings are all retained. No problem there. Running latest Catalina OS 10.15.6

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling PSP?
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic

Yes, 3 or 4 times now.

I had a similar situation with the installation. However, when I called support, I had excellent service. The key to having the installation complete successfully (without having to uninstall) was to do a fresh start of my computer, and then close ALL OPEN PROGRAMS AND APPS.  That was the only differnce with the multiple failed installation attempts prior to having the support tech walk me through the process.  Close everyting, email, Photoshop, anything that shows as an open program on your computer before beginning the install.  Always download the latest installation version (the latest updated version of Print Studio Pro has a March 2020 date on the Canon web site).  Please let the community know if that works for you.

I carefully followed your suggested protocal, then Registered half-a-dozen Custom Settings.  When I tested them I found about half of them could be Applied, the other half brought the same Error Message as before. The files for the Custom Settings are in the Folder you specified, but, for some reason CPSP is not "seeing" them.  And, once I send a Print Message from CPSP, if I close CPSP then re-open it, with the same Photoshop Image, all of the print settings in CPSP have changed.  Very frustrating and I plan to call Apple next.   Mark Weidman

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