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Canon Pro 100 print looks dull with small white points in black colored areas

New Contributor

Hello, I just bought a Pro 100 and the results are looking bad.

I downloaded the test image and printed it with standart settings (plain paper)

Im living in a country where its not easy to get original canon paper, for that I have to use different paper.

For the test image I was using simple double a 80 gsm paper. I have plan to use 300gsm paper, but I guess for that I have to find the right profile first.


About the test image, the colors are looking quit dull. The strange thing is the colors are already looking like this in the print preview. When I open the picture the colors are looking good, but when i press print and it shows the preview the colors are looking very dull.

Another problem is that there are very small white points in the black areas. Im quit sure that shouldnt be like this..


In attachment is the test print and how it looks in the print preview and as photo on the computer.

Screenshot_56.pngScreenshot_59.pngScreenshot_57.pnggsm 13545830749806 (1).jpg


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It appears that the paper you're using is matte.  At which point I believe this would be the expected output.  You'd need to look into gloss paper to get higher color saturation levels.


Ultimately it's all about the color spaces along the entire image workflow pipeline.  Your camera, presumably capturing in RAW and say Adobe RGB.  That's a very large color space.  Your display would most likely be a subset of Adobe RGB (e.g. sRGB) but it would still tend to display the bulk of the color information (as you've noted above). Each paper stock would then have limits on what colors can actually be reproduced onto it.


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There appears to be something wrong with your settings or printer software. The print you are getting seems to match the preview but the preview doesn't match the source image.


Here is what I get when I use the settings shown in your screenshot.


Preview matches computer.


Screenshot 2021-02-12 090550.jpg


What software are you printing from?


Since you have selected Plain Paper in the driver have you set your software to have the Printer Manage Color?

John Hoffman
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