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Canon D1320 paper/smudge

New Contributor

Hi, I've been using this printer along with a D1520, to print small runs of books. I normally use the duplex feature of them but sometimes, using the back output of the printer I print odd pages, and then even pages. This, as troublesome as it may sound it's faster than the other way.


I'm using beige colored bond paper, 75 gms.


I'm having a problem though, Let's say I print 10 copies of odd pages from a file, and reserve them for a while, then I print the even pages on those 10 copies. Here's when it gets tricky. On some pages the text appears smeared on some areas. The funny thing is it only happens when I print on the other side of the paper, this never happens when the paper is unprinted, or when I use the duplex function... why and I saying this? because at first I thought the culprit was the fuser unit, but I'd think if that was the case those smears and smudges would appear on any type of print. So to sum up, this happens when I print on the back side of already printed paper.


I mainly use the odd pages then even pages because on top of it being a little bit faster, this particular paper I use gets jammed a lot when I use the duplex function.


Now for the settings, I set the paper to recycled, I've tried setting it to color, to Plain L, and the results are the same.


Has anything like this happened to anyone here? Is it the paper?


I hope anyone has some insight on this.