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Canon PIXMA Pro 10s - Printing colour completely off???




Very new to the forum and new to canon printing, but to be all honest I have ran out of ideas and very stuck.


I was able to purchases a PIXMA 10s of a friend. Now it first started printing very good quality prints so i know the printer works, but for a while now the prints that are coming out.. well the colour isn't quite right (as you can see below).


I have tried printing from a Macbook as well as Windows, using the canon software as well as through photoshop.


All ink level are good, I've ran maintenance (cleaning heads etc) on the printer


Printing on Photo Paper Pro Platinum


Below there are 2 photos of my son, both printed from the Mac via photoshop

The left is done with Photoshop manages colors - Canon PRO010S <PT> 1/2/3 Photo Paper Pro Platinum

The right is done with Printer Manages Colors



As you can tell from the original image the colour is far off what it should be



I understand that this is a massive shot in the dark but i am completely out of ideas and in need.


I'm unsure if its drivers, setting or colour management, but i've come to realise its becoming costly with paper/ink doing trial and error, so was hoping for a little direction is possible.






Possibly that more information may shed a light on what's going on.


For the image you have in Photoshop, what is the color space set to be? e.g. sRGB, Adobe RGB, other?  Also, what mode is the image in (Image menu, Mode submenu)? e.g. RGB color, CMYK color, other?


Also, how was the image captured?  JPEG or RAW?


Finally, did you do any calibration of your Mac's display and/or printer?



Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers



Thank you for your reply. Please forgive me, printing images is pretty new to me.. so bit of a newbie.


The images are all in Raw.


below are the settings you asked.


Also Mode>RGB Color


I haven't done any calibration due to the images used to print perfectly. Plus being a beginner i didn't want to spend out on more calibration equipment. 


When i try printing images through the Canon Easy Photo Print software, the colour of the images is also off.




Welcome to the forum Taity2k.


If it worked well for a while and now it doesn't.


You said you ran a cleaning, but did you run a nozzle check?


Can you post a screenshot of your print dialogue box in Photoshop?


Since you have Ps do you have the subscription version (which means you have Lightroom)?


Have you tried printing from Lightroom?

John Hoffman
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