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Advice on printing B&W on Pro-10 (Canon Luster Pro)


Hi; I have a calibrated workflow (monitor,  use the Canon ICC profile for this paper, etc, etc), and my color prints to this paper are very close to what I see on my monitor (either usinng Lightroom, photpshop or the canon plug in). 


I never tried printing B&W to the Pro-10; I just tried one, and it came out pretty dark. (both through Lightroom or the plugin). I tried every option to soft proof the print (LR, PS, plugin) and I never get the brightness match to the print.


Eventually I ended up using the Canon plugin test pattern and to get the best match I had to bump up the brightnesss to +35. This is pretty strange....


Has anybody seen this? Am I just using the wrong paper or someting else?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi zuru,

Based on the description provided, it seems that the issue is related to the image, but to ensure this is not caused by a hardware malfunction I recommend performing the maintenance procedure.  Please click HERE and perform the steps described for the maintenance procedure.  If the nozzle check pattern prints correctly then I believe that the cause is related to the type of image.


When color photos are converted to black and white using image editing software the original image will lack color and the effect of the work will change with brightness.  This may be the reason the result looks different after increasing the brightness + 35 using Pattern Print. Please click HERE for details about printing black and white images using Print Studio Pro.

Thanks George. After some close look at the final prints, I think that a Brightness of +20 was what I needed...., +35 was too much.


BTW, those links weren't that helpful (they only write about the trivial stuff that I was already doing), but thanks anyway. I asked colleagues and they always have to bump up the brightness of prints in PSP...


It's a pretty new printer so I don't think it's hardware. I read in other forums that it's not easy to get a good match to a B&W photo on this printer. Yes, if I print the pattern sheet then I can find the one that works....



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