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A3+ print problem with Pixma Pro 100


When printing on A3+ my Pro 100 starts making noises, as if the paper transport is struggling to get a grip, when the print its almost finished. On the print, there is a distinct shift of the last 3 cm’s of the print to one side, and smearing at the edges.
The error occurs irrespective of which paper tray I am using
I print from Lightroom CC with paper size set to A3+ and margins set to 10mm.
In the canon printer driver paper size is also set to A3+ and media type to Canon’s Paper Pro Luster, as suggested by Ilford. I’ve tried setting the print driver to print to edge as well as normal, which seems to make no difference.
Now, searching through this forum I see that when using some types of fine art paper the canon driver might require a 30mm margin when printing in A3+. But the funny thing is that I have printed the exact same picture before, on the same paper with a 10mm margin. I might have accidentally changed something in my setup since then – however, I have not clue as to what that might be....
Any suggestions are highly appreciated

Lars K. Christensen



So far, it seems like this might have something to do with the 30mm margin issue:

  1. After re-installing Ilfords ICC-profile for Gold Mono Silk paper, I noticed that they have updated their recommendations for media type selection. Before it was PPP Luster for all sizes, but now there is a special recommendation to select PP Pearl for A3+. The only problem is, that PP Pearl does not appear among the media types that may be selected in the Canon printer driver 😞
  2. After setting margins to 30 mm I was able to get a flawless print on the A3+ Gold Mono Silk with media type set to PPP Luster.

What still puzzles me is:

  1. According to Canons online manual for the Pro 100, the 30mm margin is only requested for Fine Art Paper "Museum Etching", not for PPP Luster?!
  2. On earlier occasions I have been able to print on A3+ with a margin of only 10mm. But I have updated the printer driver since then. Could Canon have silently widened the 30mm limitation to other paper types in a driver update?


There are actually two paper size selections. A3+ and A3+(30mm margin). If you select fine art paper types and don't select 30mm margin paper sizes you will get an error message. 


You can can select the 30mm margin size and select non-fine art paper types. I do that because l like the margins. 


Did you try executing roller cleaning?

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic
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