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where is the WPS button?


Just got a Canon PIXMA MX432 and trying to set up.  It asks for me to push the WPS button, but can't find?  Hep?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a not too literate computer user, getting better, 63 years old so be kind!

Recently my Canon Pixma 450 decided it would not stay connected.   If I want to print something or scan something I have to go through the process of holding the wps button and then going to printer and pressing ok after it connects.

All works well if I do continuous work, printing things or scanning photos, but if I leave the chore for more than 5 minutes I have to go and do the same procedure all over again.  Very frustrating.


I took the printer in to repair, and they can't find anything obviously wrong.  The computer is fairly new, pc, and I'm using Windows 7.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled the disc.  That doesn't help.

Like I said all works fine unless I step away from the work for more than 5 minutes.


Can anyone figure this out?  And then explain to me in Super Dummy language?



Hi tribalgranny,


It is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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SIX YEARS later and this inexcusable BS is still going on.


Got rid of my Canon printer years ago, but still subscribe to this thread just to laugh at the company's everlasting stupidity.


According to Canon: "WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a method that allows you to easily connect network devices to a secure wireless network." If you are like me and need to climb a stepladder to use this "easy" method take heart; you can use a standard setup method. Have your wi-fi password handy before you start. On my MX430 I followed the LAN setup proceedure but instead of running downstairs and climbing a ladder to hold in the button on the router, I let the printer search for about 10 seconds then pushed the stop button. The readout on the printer changed to standard setup and I just followed the directions from there. You can toggle between upper and lower case and numerals by pressing the star key. I would have never figured this out without the post from 2014, written by a smart lady named Sherry. Sherry, wherever you are, thank you!!

Oh and AceAceAce, too! They also solved this five years ago.