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where is the WPS button?

New Contributor

Just got a Canon PIXMA MX432 and trying to set up.  It asks for me to push the WPS button, but can't find?  Hep?

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello dmlarsen.


The WPS button is not on the printer.  This button would be located on your router itself.


If your router does not have a clearly marked 'WPS' button, please use the CD with your computer to perform the standard wireless installation.


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New Contributor

do you think everybody has a router right by the printer?

It calls for like this

"Press and hold down the WPS button and press OK" the OK pressing is on the printer.


I have also just bought a Canon printer and have spent a long time looking for the WPS button on the printer.  This is mosts confusing.  Maybe Canon needs to re-think the wording of the instructions.  Also, a hint as to how to engage the numbers on the keypad would lbe helpful.

I just had the same problem figuring out what a WPS button was and where to find took me 20 minutes of googling online, and looking through all my canon documentation...finally found answer on google, then had to unplug the printer and move it close enough to the router (located in another room) to "press and hold" the button on the top of my router while pressing "ok" on the printer.  Now I am afraid to unplug the printer and move it back to my desk because it will probably not recognise the WPS router anymore.

Very confusing I agree. Does anyone know if I can now unplug the printer and move it back to where I want it?

This is going to be the least of your worries when it comes to using this printer.

I have spent a whoe afternoon looking for that darn WPS button-got so mad.Cannon for goodness sake change your wording on the instruction- screen-very badly explained

Your answer as to where the WPS button solved a question that I otherwise would have to wait until Monday when the tech# is available here in Canada (Monday thru Friday) Yes, why is this not better explained in the instructions. As all the other instructions were so easy. This really held me up. So glad I found the answer here. 🙂

Occasional Contributor

Wait. This is crazy.


Short cut: Yes...there IS a workaround ON our Pixma MX922 Canon printer: Look top-rightmost corner and there is the reddish, "STOP" glowing icon of a secret weapon you and I need.


Now for the rant for you, Canon, wasting all our time and your own. This printer deserves better than the nutso humans who wrote these instructions. You seriously also ought to consider the type of people Apple uses for User Interface Design of your hardware. Really!


There is a much simpler alternative to pressing this non-existent (for most of us) WPS button...and all the rest.


I'm a 74 yr old, non-technical lady who is without my Canon MX922 CD due to the box it is still with being in storage following a recent relocation. For no good reason, though I could print to this Pixma MX922 with my iPad as well as my iPhone, as of starting only 2 days back, it was daily "dropping" my wifi connection with my MacBook.


Because I did not have the recommended CD, could not find a downloadable option to replace that for 2 days, could not find a WPS button on the printer nor on my Apple router nor on my Time Warner "box" I was having to RE-ROUTE all files to print to either my iPhone or iPad.


Crazy!'s the secret weapon of the ON THE PRINTER alternative to the WPS button...sitting there all along. Look on the bottom-right readout of the printer instructing you to "hold the WPS button" which you dance that jig to then press "OK" on the printer...ideally, humming Dixie for good luck, wearing your 4-leaf clover. 


Skip ALL the above. Instead...look at that crazy little reddish-orange-ish symble near that set of directions on the Printer window - looks like a circular, marked-through crisis or STOP Sign in a way. Now...loop to the upper right hand corner of the printer itself: find that matchup of that little graphic image - it is marked STOP.


Duh! Canon, oh Canon...what on earth is wrong with you in terms of writing instructions...and posting them clearly everywhere related? Please hire either an instructional designer tech writer with a tiny bit of illustration talent; ...or even one of those underpaid 1st-2nd-3rd-4th grade "saints" we call dedicated elementary school teachers. Let THEM wrtiting your step1-step2- illustrated directions and do us ALL a huge favor and save yourself millions in live tech support. 




Short ending to a long story: Press that STOP button which IS clearly marked as described -- uppermost-right top corner...and Viola! Like will change the direction in the Canon Pixma MX922 window and bring right up: ALL the wifi potential connections in the vicinity of this printer. Like magic...there your own will be IF you are successfully wifi-connected generally.


Select your own...then interpret Canon's truly non-helpful means of choosing your alpha-numeric-caps-small-case options to punch it iright BELOW your wifi "name." OK.


Magic again...if your wifi is working, if you selected your correct wifi name you have password access to, if you entered that correction...YOU WILL be advised "connection" successful or some similar ear-music venacular.


Canon...come on! Please join us in the year 2014 (and also 2013) with a simpler solution than this coded, mysterious, inconvenient, unnecessary approach to getting this really nifty airprint device to PRINT.


Sorry for the rant. How on earth does this company continue to succeed with this little common sense? 


Hopefully, this at least gives the rest of you trusting this company to get a printer to do the job it really does seem to me it is TRYING to do if its' humans will get out of the way.

Occasional Contributor

I'm having the exact same problem with my new Canon. It was printing fine until I changed the router. Then, hell broke loose.
The re-connection process is non-existant. I'm having to unintall the driver on every PC. Switch off the whole lot and try again. Spit