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Why won't my Pixma MX410 work wirelessly? Blue light is on, but computer says it's offline.


I have repeatedly used the "easy setup" to get the printer on the network. sometimes it will work, but most of the time I am getting an error message that says that my printer is offline. It works fine if I connect by USB, but I bought it so I wouldn't HAVE to connect with a cord. I wanted a WIRELESS printer.



Thanks egghear8488 I thought I was going crazy - I also have the MX series (340) and I cannot register my wireless option. I cannot change the number pad to an alphabet pad (all caps) do you know how to do it? But then maybe I will also have the same "offline" issue.


Hi egghead8488,


For the best wireless communication conditions possible, we will want to ensure that the network devices are suitably located.  To do this, please ensure the following:


1.  The access point is located indoors within the effective range for wireless communication; this would be within 50 meters of the access point.


2.  There are no obstructions blocking wireless communcation.  Wireless communication between different rooms or floors is generally poor.  If possible, adjust the location of the devices so that the wireless router is as close to the printer as possible.


3.  There is no source of radio wave interference in your vicinity.  There may be a device such as a microwave oven using the same frequency bandwidth as the wireless station.  Place the wireless devices as far away from the interference source as possible.


I hope this helps -- if you still experience difficulty, please feel free to contact a technical support representative at 1-800-652-2666 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., EST, Monday - Friday and someone will be happy to assist you.

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I am near tears. My machine is also turned on, my internet connectivity is excellent, the blue WiFi light is on, and I MUST print and send some personal documents asap via fax. However, I can't print my documents, although the copy button has been depressed and there are no obstructions in the way and I am physically two rooms away in the house. The LCD seems to be in print mode, yet --- nothing! There is noone to speak to by phone either. This is horrible....I desperately need help......:smileysad



I have the same problem. It is not the wireless connection at least in my case. I am using a laptop on my wireless and I bought this printer so I can print from the laptop. I set it up it works for a while and then when I really need to print something, it will start showing the printer is offline. I go to the printer, turn it off and back on and it still keep saying the same thing. The printer says it is online, all lights on, I print the wireless settings to make sure nothing changed, but still the same result. It is very frustrating. Most of the time, I will have to uninstall and reinstall the printer. This is some problem with the design or the printer or the software.



Hi Jaypee,


So we can provide more accurate troubleshooting, please let us know what version of Windows or Mac you are using on the laptop.

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Hi Karl1,


I am using Windows 8. I had similar problem with my old latop with Windows 7. I bought this printer so I could use it with my laptop when I need to print something. I leave the printer on so I could print when needed, it looks like the network cannot detect it when it is on for a while. I end up taking laptop to the printer and use USB to print. It has been going on since I bought it. It works wirelessly for me when I install it fresh (I used to remove this printer and install fresh once in a while becase of this problem). At this point, I have given up on the wireless functionality, but it is only for the wireless functionality that I bought this printer.



Hello jaypee.


For testing purposes, please try turning the printer off and back on to see if this resolves your issue.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the link below for additional assistance.

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Hi Michael,


As I mentioned in my first post, turning off and on does not work for me.



I have the same problem.


The printer says the wifi printing is fine and working however it does not work.


This is the most useless printer I've ever bought - I also only bought it for wireless printing. I will never buy a Canon product again.


Take some good advice - DON'T BUY CANON!