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Why does the printer disconnect from the wi-fi?


Each day I need to confirm my LAN settings. Each day I need to re-enter my password to the Apple AirPort Extreme. Is this common with those who have OSX systems. I have not updated to Sierra, Canon has not been able to get that completed and I am having enough fun with the MX922


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi nicholsrobin,


The router will stop communicating with devices that have not been used in a certain period of time.  Disabling this feature will allow you to use your PIXMA MX922 after a period of inactivity.  Please refer to the router's user manual or contact the router's manufacturer for further assistance.


If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:

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If, as you say, the router stops commuicating with the MX922 why does it not stop communicating with my back-up printer (not a Canon)?

If, this requires additional assistance, why wouldn't Canon allow the end user the option of turning this on or off?

Good for you, nicholsrobin, for calling BS on Canon.  Thre is a plethora of other users with different printers all having same issue, in my case with airprint and mx892,  Seems a power save mode drops the connection.  To be fair once connection drops the router forgets the device OR the router will drop the connection after a given period even if jobs have been underway.  Static IP address may help but not if printer firmware is poorly written and drops the connection anyway.  You backup doesn't  suffer from canonware

I had a problem with HP Envy 4500 printer disconnecting, as well as a Wireless Doorbell. I added another wired router and created a new wireless network as an experiment. With the bell and the printer on this new wireless network, the problem went away. Not all routers are created equal.