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Very slow wireles printing MG7500




Two days ago purchased the MG7520 printer.  Set it up today and it connected to my wireless (Dish network, satellite).  Printing a regular Pages document is pretty slow, but printing a photo is nearly impossible - so very slow it would take 30 minutes to print a 5 X 7.


I printed a Network Configuration Page, the signal strength is 100%.  I'm running OSX Yosemite on my MacBook Air that is connected to the printer.


Not sure what to do next - any suggestions?  Thanks to everyone here in advance :-).


Rising Star
by chance, is the router and printer sitting right next to/on top of each other? If so, have you thought about using it via Wired LAN (aka ethernet) instead of wireless LAN?

It sounds like you have some kind of network interference going on.

No, not sitting even close, probably about 4 feet between the printer and the wireless router.  Would placing the printer closer be better?  Also, the printer is not on the same desk as the router.  Had not thought of ethernet, but would be willing to try - I would need to get the necessary cable.


I can, if needed set up the printer via USB port, but just would rather use the wireless if possible.  To do that I think I need to just go back to set up and configure for the USB instead of wireless Lan, is that correct?


I'm not a super tech smart person, but I'm trying.

With the Mac, if you plug in the USB cable and already installed the printer it will add a USB instance of the printer automatically (you might see a MG7500 series and a MG7500 series copy 1, the copy would be the USB instance). Might be worth trying it via USB or ethernet just to check to see whether the wireless is the culprit.

Hey, thanks for your help!  I tried re-connecting the printer to wireless and moved it somewhat closer too with an unobstructed view.  It still printed slow but faster than before, so I think it is definitely the wireless connection.  But, just to make sure will pick up an ethernet cable this week and try that.


Will also try the USB when I have time later in the week. 


I have to say that the photo I printed today is exactly the color of the subject so I am VERY pleased with the color printing capability of this printer.  And, also very pleased that everything is working fine on the printer regarding both document and photo printing.


Thanks again!

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