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PIXMA 3120


I have a pixma 3120 that stopped responding, in WINDOWS 10 and Ubuntu. Win 10 was wireles, ubuntu was cable connection; both stopped at same time; no error codes. When trying to print test page I WULD GET ERROR CODE!!! e02 wich is paper not pushed all the way in, false code!!!. Uninstaled everything reinstalled form cd. Then got communication to printer failed during detection several attempts. So I canceld and got a message if I cancled the detection NO DRIVERS WOULD BE INSTALED; dont no if that included the whole utilities ,navigator , my image garden etc.

for some reason tried to print a test page again- AND IT PRINTED_ WOOOO WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Tried printing web page- WOOOOO it worked- but for some reason all my documents were wiped out!!!! I have them backed up by why whats srored on my pc were lost. WIN SUCKS BIG TIME!!! AND I STILL HAD A SET up failer box (com error) even thouhg it was good. It seems it get stuck during installation and win 10 or canon firmware does not realize its complete!!

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