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Trouble Wireless Direct versus TS9521C


Hello All!

Because our router only has 5 Ghz network, I have to use Wireless Direct with the Canon TS9521c printer.

My MacBook Pro often, but not always, does not have the Canon TS9521c in the WiFi list. The printer says that wireless is enabled. When the name of the printer shows up in the computer's  WiFi list, they usually connect. Getting the computer and computer to always see each other when printing is needed it the problem.


I've tried downloading everything Canon shows in their Set Up pages and what technical support told me to download with no luck. I've tried turning off & unplugging the printer and the computer. I've tried starting them up in order: Printer, then computer and Computer, then printer. I've tried being close to the printer & farther away. Still, no luck. I have verified the printer had wireless enabled by connecting an iPad. They find each other. I've verified that the computer WiFi is working by connecting my Brother printer wirelessly. (Note that the Brother isn't Wireless Direct. It uses the router.)


Once in a while, the name of the printer shows up in the computer's WiFi list of networks. Most times, it does not appear. I've tried to manually connect them with the Mac's Network Utility. No luck. (Network Not Found error) Oddly, sometimes when the printer is turned off & unplugged, the name of the printer is, indeed, on the computer's network list. (Usually not)


Do any of you know what am I doing incorrectly that the computer and printer often do not see each other?


Thanks Very Much for helping me get a good, consistent connection.