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TS8520 no longer prints or scans wirelessly


Setup was easy and TS8520 printed and scanned via my wireless network but stopped working.  No troubleshooting works.  Printer does not appear to connect to network.  Any advice anyone?




What is it's IP address?


Can you PING this address?


"No troubleshooting works"


What 'troubleshooting" is that?  Steps you performed, and the results?


To provide clear advice, we need to know what you tried and what happened?


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Using a MAc running OS 10.12.6. It had worked well until yesterday. Network is obviously on but printer does not appear to be on the network (Mac system preferences says that it is offline).  Tried the troubleshooting in the online guide-checking that the WiFi is on, turning printer on and off. Also tried going through the set up again including reinstalling software on Mac. Printed network configuation page says a run of the network diagnostics suggest "there is no proble".


Troubleshoot guide suggests "Turn on wireless communication on the printer."-I don't see where that is on the printer display.


Sorry for my ignorance but what does it mean to PING the address (presumably the IP address)?



Looks like we solved the networking issue but the scanner no longer works.  The scan starts but the we get an error message saying the scan failed.  Any thoughts anyone?




PS. After a little googling, we were able to solve the network issue by downloading the IJH Network Device Setup Utility.  At least now I can print.  Just not scan.

For what it is worth, I was able to scan last night.  No clear reason why it was not working and why it is now.



Hi jfromm.


If the TR8520 is scanning is intermittently, double-check that your computer is connected to a standard 2.4 GHz wifi connection.  The TR8520 is only capable of a 2.4 GHz connection, and most 5 GHz routers default to keeping the two types separate.


If that doesn't correct the problem, or if the computer is already on the 2.4 GHz connection, check the TR8520's wifi signal strength (tap the WiFi icon in the bottom-left of its screen and scroll down).  For scanning, we recommend at least 80% signal strength. 


If the printer is right beside the router, try moving them at least ~ 2 ft apart; too close can be as bad as too far apart.


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