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MacOS will not run




I just bought and installed a TR4520 multi-function printer. In order to connect it wirelessly, I'm supposed to run, which I downloaded from the Canon web site.


It doesn't launch on my iMac running MacOS 10.14.6. I don't get any error dialog displayed. Only one line appears in the system log:

May  9 16:30:47 DeepestThought AGMService[699]: ProcessPath : /private/var/folders/32/cdt7zkj12zlch2696vjdbcg00000gp/T/AppTranslocation/7A8906C1-188E-429B-BDB3-0DB248A8B728/d/

The Info.plist in the application bundle contains this:


which implies the app was built for MacOS 10.11, which explains why it doesn't run on my system.


But I haven't seen any postings about this issue, so I assume it's working for "everyone else". reports its version number as 17.0.1


Does anyone have any insights?







DTSDKName is just the OS name of the development environment at the time that software was created.  It doesn't imply compatibility.


If you navigate in Finder to, does the icon have a circle with slash through it?  10.14.6 will still run 32-bit software, but there may be other reasons for the incompatiblity.


Which specific did you download?  Did you get it from the downloads at the Support Page for this printer model?  The software listed there appears to be last updated between 2019 and this year.




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To answer your first question: No, the icon doesn't have a "Do Not Enter" symbol over it.

Second: I downloaded from many locations, but they all led to: (with download link named mac-tr4500-1_1-mcd.dmg.


The has creation date of August 26, 2018 at 11:01 PM and is version 17.0.1. The actual executable at /Volumes/CANON_IJ/ is:


-rwxr-xr-x  1 eric  staff  2414032 Aug 26  2018 Setup


Other pages I found with "Download the setup app" links all let to the same page,


However, after I'd found the setup executable in the application bundle, I tried from the command-line:

$ open Setup

and that did launch the setup application.



So I'm all set, and as long as no one else has seen this issue, I guess it's my mysterious problem for now, but I've got a workaround.


Thanks for your help!



I had a similar problem. Brand new PIXMA TR8520.
Wouldn't be an issue if I didn't need: 
1- To use the scanner

2- To connect via ethernet cable, not wifi. 

As it is, will to run no matter how many times I click on, nothing at all happens. I am going to return the printer. No error is displayed.

I downloaded the from the page the dialog brought me to, which stated it was the setup app for tr8520. 

Specifically this is the URL from which it was downloaded:

I searched in Console Logs for "" and "Canon", no results were returned. 

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