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Setting Issue: Canon Color imageCLASS MF741Cdw wired home network select drawer/load paper error


I have a MF741Cdw set up for a home business and general home printing. Here is my setup:

(1) Direct (USB): Printer (USB B) to Docking station (USB A)

(2) Network (Hardwired): Printer (CAT8) to Router  



Direct: USB connection to docking station works fine. No issues whatsoever. 

Network: Works, but always reports an "Load paper" error. 


Description of Issue:

Screen shot of display attached below. The error that pops up looks like it is selecting the correct drawer (1), but it will print immediately if I load the multipurpose tray that is shown to be not selected on the screen. Also, if I touch the "1 LTR/Plain 2" icon, it prints immediately. 


Thoughts on causes:

(A) defaulting to multipurpose tray that is not in use

(B) Setting somewhere for Tray 1 that includes LTR/Plain 1 and LTR/Plain 2 that is different between my USB connection and wired network



removed direct print and opened control panel printer preferences from my laptop on the network. Have tried all 3 options for "Paper Source" (automatically select, multipurpose tray, tray 1). No change. I also tried to find the default tray selected on network via both Windows device manager and the touchscreen on the printer. I cannot find the setting that is causing the printer to either

(A) select the mutipurpose tray as default for network printing

(B) change LTR/Plain 1 to LTR Plain 2


Can anyone help me with this?Canon MF741Cdw Screenshot.jpg