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Problem with MF Scan Utility v. driver software on Windows 11 - MF741cdw


I have 3 computers with the Canon MF Scan Utility v. installed on for the IC MF741cdw printer. Each computer is Windows 11 and is showing the following error:

Warning: the maximum number of computers that are monitoring the device has been exceeded. Polling to the device will be stopped...

The warning seems to pop up on the user's screen randomly. When I looked up the warning on Canon support website, it gave me a generic response saying you can only connect to the printer with 10 PC's, so to fix, change one the 11th computer to not connect the printer over the network. OK, no problem, but I'm only using 3. I get the error more frequently on the last two computers I installed the driver on. The first computer doesn't show the warning as much.

This is the Canon support page I referenced above:

Anyone know how to solve this issue?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello RckyMtnd,

If you are getting that message and you only have 3 computers on your network, you can try power cycling the router that is connecting all of the devices. Once the network is back up, you can try scanning again to see if the error clears. If the error does not clear or if you continue to have the same issue, I would suggest contacting support at 1-800-652-2666. Our agents would be happy to assist.


Hi Hector,

No, that didn't help.  I'll contact support.




I noted the KB article you are referencing does not list the MF741cdw specifically.  I'm trying to understand the issue better.

Is the issue you are experiencing related to polling status, toner levels, readiness, etc, or are you only allowed to have up to 10 computers registered as Scan to Destinations?

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