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Pro100s doesn't print via network anymore, but USB works

New Contributor



I used my Pro-100s printer for some years via a wired connection. Suddenly it stopped working. I tried WLAN, same results. The strange things are;



- The printer is shown online in windows

- I can access the printers web page

- Did a complete new setup which goes ok until it wants to print a head alignment

Everything seems to work ok, until it either wants to print or access the printer(cartridge?) status. The cartridge status is however shown on the printer web page.



Printing works without any problem


I did a factory reset, OFF/ON, new software install but all without change.

I can update the printer via IJ network tool


With a normal print to the network printer with preview it stops when trying to create the preview.


Any idea's?

thanks in advance


New Contributor

Seems to be a driver issue. Tried printing from a new Laptop and that worked. I did reinstall the driver on the desktop PC that didn't work. Will need to have a closer look.

Reputable Contributor

Hi wykat.


If the simple driver reinstall didn't work, try removing the printer and its driver, restarting the printer, and then re-running the driver installation.  Restarting between removal and reinstallation allows the computer to clean out lingering settings that might corrupt the reinstall.


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New Contributor

Unfortunately this didn't work at all 😞 .


Removed all Canon printer software (kept scanner and camera), did reboot PC and printer but now driver doesn't want to install anymore. It claims it can't find the printer either via wired LAN nor USB although I can access the printer via web browser. Disabled firewall, added IP as trusted device, etc, etc but without any luck.


Problem now is that it doesn't work neither with USB nor LAN anymore

New Contributor

Hmm, it doesn't want to install the driver anymore neither for LAN nor USB, but windows 10 still recognizes it via USB and prints via USB.