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mf624cw not working at all


 I've got a mf624cw that I've had for a number of years that has worked well for me. But in the past few months it has basically stopped working.

On my Windows 11 computer I can print from notepad, and that is it.

I can't print from Microsoft Word. The printer manager gives a vague an error occured message.

I can't scan from Adobe Acrobat anymore.

I can't update the firmware over either the network or usb cable.

Before I throw this thing out I'm hoping somebody can help.




We're sorry to hear about the issue with your printer.  We might need something more than "vague" error to help diagnose the issue.  What is the error message you are receiving when you print from another app besides notepad?

How is the printer connected (normally) and to what?

Here's what I suggest.

Start menu > Settings > Bluetooth and Devices > Printers & Scanners

Select your mf624cw > then the Remove button.  

Note: If you are using a USB connection, unplug it from your computer.  Now Open > Control Panel > Programs and Features. Uninstall all Canon drivers and related software for the mf624cw.

Return to your desktop.  Download the following:

Printer Driver

Scanner Driver

Important: Now restart your PC, if windows tries to install your printer automatically, decline the addition.

Run the Printer driver installer above and follow its prompts.  Do not connect anything until prompted to do so.  

Next run the scanner driver installer.  Once complete, test printing from notepad, word and Adobe.  You can test scanning as well.

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Your statement about needing a better error message is exactly what I said when that was what the driver gave me.


And why I went and bought a different printer yesterday. 

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