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Print Studio Pro "supported printer not found" solution MacOS Ventura



Print Studio Pro "printer supported by this software is not found" problem MacOS solution.

For the MaccOS the Canon print driver installer automatically installs only the Airprint version which does not work with Print Studio Pro.  I found an alternative way to install the proper driver using the Canon utility Device Management Console.  As follows:

Open Device Management Console (found in the Canon Utility folder.) The printer should show up in the window as well as the Connection: IP Address number.

Choose Manage Printer from the File menu.

At the bottom left of the Printer Management window choose Add Printer.

In the Add Printer window chose Auto (IPv4/IPv6) from the Search Method popup menu. Click Search.

Select the printer with the IP address in the list (either or both might work.)

Click Add at the bottom right of the window.

Open Print Studio Pro in Photoshop to verify your success!


Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 9.58.21 AM.png