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Print Studio Pro error workaround when soft proof is selected on Mac Ventura


Found a work around for my error on my M1 Mac Mini running MacOS 13 Ventura.

If I deselect soft proofing PSP runs just fine. This seems like a simple software fix Canon should address.

In any case the work around is:

I have this exact same issue on my M1 Mac Mini with Lightroom CC and print Studio Pro V: 2.2.5.

It exits out with that error message box when I have soft proofing selected. I was able to work arounf this by disabling soft proofing in the xml configuration files:

1- UserSetting_Custom.xml - open this file with textEdit

/Users/(UserName)/Library/Application Support/Print Studio Pro/V2/UserData/Favorites/UserSetting_Custom.xml

Change this key to false


2- Config_NormalMode.plist

Edit this file with TextEdit

/Users/(UserName)/Library/ApplicationSupport/Print Studio Pro/V2

Search for proof and change this key to false:





Unfortunately this is - as stated- a work around. Soft proofing is an important aspect when printing, so hopefully Canon can implement a quick fix. The workaround disables soft proofing.