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Soft Proofing with CPP&L using a printer I don’t own?



I’m sending a print job out to a firm that can print larger than my Pro 1000 using their Pro 6100. They will also use Professional Print & Layout as the job output software.

When I soft proof using Canon Professional Print & Layout software with my Pro 1000 selected as the printer but using the Pro 6100 version of the paper stocks .icc profile I suspect that the soft proof has rendered as if I’m using Pro 1000 but with the mismatched .icc profile? And not as if I’m using a Pro 6100 with the matching .icc profile?

If the former is correct how can I trick the software into thinking I have a Pro 6100? When adding a printer to the relevant field in the software, this is achieved by the software automatically searching for nearby/available printers rather than from a drop down list of all compatible canon printers. Both have 12 inks, perhaps the soft proof render will be the same regardless of which printer is available to be selected.


MacBook Pro intel

OS Ventura 13.6.6




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