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Pixma MG5420 WiFi connection problem


The WiFi (WLAN) set-up works good all day after it starts.   But overnight when the printer is inactive it looses it.  When trying to print first thing in the morning I have to re-configure it using the "Standard Setup" method which involves typing in my WiFi password (a long and cumbersome process).  This machine is new (only 3 days old) and maybe this problem will eventually go away, but it hasn't for the last two mornings.   Anybody have this problem?  If so, how to fix?  Thanks.   


Hi Hal2k,


Yea, unfortunately you can't attach a word document or a text file, just a picture or video, but the 54% you are getting can definately account for the issues you are having.  Optimally you want that number to be around 70 to 80% if not better.  If at all possible I'd recommend moving the printer closer to where the router is, but if that's not possible you can try two things, one would be to access your router settings and try changing the wireless channel that your router transmits on.  If you are in an apartment complex or if you are in a neighborhood with other people who have strong enough wireless routers their signals can be overlapping yours causing signal loss and switching to a less crowded channel will help that.  If moving the printer or the router so that they are closer to eachother is not an option, your other option would be to purchase a wirelses extender that will strengthen the connection between your printer and router.

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The channel part of this solution worked for me, but I just want to add that my router channel was set to "automatic".  When I set it to a specific channel, the same channel that the printer was reporting as its channel, I was able to connect and print without a problem.  There was also a checkbox that said to keep the setting during power cycles, and I checked that.

This is not a solution. The printer is within 36 inches of the router. The scanner won't connect and the printer only prints once before needing to be shut down and brought back up. Any other ideas?

My print out says SIGNAL STRENGTH is 100%. Still not able to print with the MG5350.. Any other advice?

I am having the exact same trouble but my printer info sheet says my signal is 0%. I've rebooted and moved the printer closer to my router and nothing is working. What else can I do?

i am having the same issue. I printed the LAN details: link status "inactive" Signal strength "0%"
Please advise

The router needs to be upgraded to the N signal for a stronger signal which is needed for the newer devices.


I have both a MX340 and just purchased an MX520.  MX340 had not issues with wifi connection for 2.5 years then issues started 3-6 months ago.  Unable to be seen by both MAC and PC.  Bought 520 and was told to use manual connection to network to improve strength.  I have a wireless N router.  Interestingly the air print option  from my ipad has no issues it is just when printing from my laptops (mac and PC).    Any suggestions?

How do you know what signal strength your modem is? I've looked on it, and I don't see any reference to a G or N signal.


Add me to the list.  Printer was working fine for a month or two, now the PC can't find the printer.  The printer appears on my router's list of connected devices,and I can ping it from my computer.  The printer just won't talk to anything over the connection.   I reset all, reconnected, re-installed the printer, all with no more connection. Going to try the USB cable, at least that may save me from throwing the whole thing away.



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