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My MG8200 does not stay connected wirelessly.


My MG8200 does not stay connected wirelessly.  I have to reboot router every weekend when I want to use the printer. Everything else in the house stays connected to the router (laptop, Android phone, Android Tablet, Kindles). 


Does anyone have a suggestion?


I'm having the same problem. I don't reboot the router - I reboot the printer and it works, but it is very very annoying.

Did you find anything that worked?

Also, I know it isn't on the computer end of it, as I have this problem with both a Mac running 10.6 and a Windows machine running Vista.
And I think the router works as o other devices have a problem staying connected.


Hi jill4kelly!


To have a better understanding of your issue, please let everyone know what operating system you have installed on your computer, and what WAP (Wireless Access Point) you use in your wireless setup.  That way, our Canon Forum members and our Subject Matter Experts will be able to assist you with suggestions appropriate for your model.


Hi Naomi,


I have two computers using it wirelessly.  One is running Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and the other is running Windows Vista.


The WAP is the D-Link DIR-628


Thanks in advance for your help.



Hi MarcSeld,


you and jill4Kelley may be having the same issue with the same resolution.  If you unplug your router and plug it back in instead of turning it back on, does this also resolve the issue, only temporarily?

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Everything in my house runs through that router including my TV, three Macs, and Epson R3000 prionter, two Ipads, DIrect TV, two iPhones and two ipads. The only thing getting lost is the Canon MG8200. I have no desire to reset all those devices to the wifi because the Canon doesn't stay connected. This is a Canon issue, NOT a router issue. Likely a Canon software issue and they need to fix it and send an update. 

Me Too

I have the same problem, drive me crazy!!! I just post the similar topic 

here are my problem, now it totally does not work, I just want to see whether I could reset to manufactor default setting 

to see whether it is solved 


I have used this machine for more than 2 years. From some times ago,

I found the printer could not get IP from my wireless router. the following is what I have done and questions


1. at the beginning, when I found this machine can not get IP (mine is 10.0.0.#), the machine default is

   I forced the machine to reset, after resetting , it could get IP from my router.

 2. but after getting IP from above 1, once the machine gets idle and gets to energy save mode.   when I start printing again, I found that IP , got from my router , get back to the machine default

3. after I reset a couple of times, still could not get IP from the router.


4. I went to the machine manual and try to set wired connection with DHCP enable, 

  still not work


5. I reset the router , the printer still could not get IP


at the begining, reseting the machine sometimes, works, after a while, resetting does not work at all


my questions are


6. my printer now basic could not get IP from the  router. how could I set the printer back to manufacture default?

(other PCs have no problems to get IP from the router, it means that the router works fine)

7. do you have any idea to help me.