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PIXMA TR4520 network issues since router upgrade


windows 11 Home

version 22h2

build 22621.1992

Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22644.1000.0

when I originally setup my printer I used the wifi router proxy setup and everything worked fine since 2021.

After upgrading my spectrum modem/wifi router to separate modem and wifi router devices, I simply ran setup all over again. Download was fine, tried to setup my printer through the wifi router proxy again, and the program kept spitting back that the information was not correct. Now the program recognized my ssid for my router, and what type it was, I entered the password correctly, but no matter what, the program could not use the info.

fine, I force closed the program and started over.

this time I chose direct wifi connection. The program connected to and setuup my printer. everything was dandy. I printed a couple things. then had to restart my computer for another update. Go to print something, noww my computer can't see my printer. after a few minutes, I say screw it. I run the setup again after removing the printer from my saved setting and removing the driver. Run setup again. Printer is connected directly again and works fine.

Turn off the printer because I'm not using it. a couple days later, turn it on, try to print... computer can't communicate with the printer again.

what gives?

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